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1. Smoking and Oral Health    
Smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, directly causes or pre-conditions our oral tissues to many diseases and conditions.Smoking causes many oral and systemic health problems. Smoking causes increased risk of dental implant failure, oral cancers, leukoplakia, gum disease and tooth loss.
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2. Diabetes and Dental care
Diabetes effects the heart, kidneys, eyes, peripheral vasculature in persons with high and uncontrolled blood sugar levels.  A often ignored effect diabetes has is on the oral cavity. The effects seen in diabetics in the oral cavity are directly proportional to the blood sugar levels , higher the sugar levels more pronounced are the effects.Controlled diabetics with normal non fluctuating blood sugar levels are as much at risk of getting gum disease, oral infections or tooth loss as Non-Diabetics are. Antibiotic cover for dental surgical procedures are required in diabetics to aid in proper healing and prevent infections. Good oral hygiene practices are very important in diabetics.
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