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     Case Studies Before And After
Implants Bridge 1
1 2
Implant Bridge 1 post Implant Bridge 1 Pre
1 2
Implant Bridge 1 pre OPG Implant Bridge 1 post OPG
Implants Bridge 2
1 2 2
Implant Bridge 2 Implant Bridge 2 Occlusal View Implant Bridge 2 Post Crowns
1 2
Implant Bridge 2 Post OPG Implant Bridge 2 Pre
Lower Implants
1 2 2
Lower Full Arch Crowns and Implants A Lower Full Arch Crowns and Implants B Lower Full Arch Crowns and Implants C
Upper Full Arch Implants
2 1 1 3
Upper Full Arch Implants Guided Flapless Surgery A1 Upper Full Arch Implants A2 Upper Full Arch Implants A3 Upper Full Arch Implants A 4
4 5 5  
Upper Two Implants With Direct Sinus Lift Upper Two Implants With Direct Sinus Lift Post Crown upper Two Implants With Direct Sinus Lifts OPG  
Upper Implants
1 1 3 2
Bilateral Upper Implants A Bilateral Upper Implants B Bilateral Upper Implants Post OPG Bilateral Upper Implants Pre OPG
Veneers to Change Colour
1 2 2
Veneers To Change Colour and Shape A1 Veneers To Change Colour and Shape A2 Veneers Colours And Shape Change A3
Veneers To Close Spacess
1 3 2 1
Veneers To Close Spaces B1 Veneers To Close Spaces Post Prep
B 2
Veneers to Close Spaces Post treatment B 3 Veneers Post Space Closure B 4
Single Impant
1 2
8a Single Implant Pre 8b Single Implant Post
1 2
1a Single Impant Pre 1b Single Implant With Gold Crown - Post
Lower implants upper denture
1 1 3 2
7a Upper Complete Denture,
Lower Implants - Economical
7 b Lower Six Implants 7d Lower Implant Bridge
With Screw
Holes - Retrievable!
7c Lower Implants
With Healing Caps
4 5    
7e Upper Complete Denture
Lower Implant Supported
Bridge - Left
7f Upper Complete Denture,
Lower Implant Bridge- Right
Full Arch
1 1 1 2
2a Upper Lower Implants Pre
2b Full Arch Lower Implants 2c Full Arch Lower
Implants - Abutments
2d Full Arch Upper
Implants - Occlusal View
5 6 3 4
2g Full Arch Lower
Implants - Post Treatment
2h Full Arch Lower
Implants - Occlusal View
2e Lower Metal Trial 2f Upper Metal Trial
7 8    
2i Full Arch Upper
Implants - Abutment Stage
2j Upper Lower Full Arch -
Post Treatment
All on 4
1 2 3 4
5a All on 4 - Flapless Surgery 5b All on 4- Multi Unit
Abutments in Place
5c All on 4- Milled
Titanium Prosthesis
5d All on 4 - Titanium Prosthesis
1 2 3 4
6a Upper Partially Edentulous,
Lower Complete Edentulous
6b Lower Pre-Treatment 6c Upper Fixed Tooth Supported,
Bridge, Lower Implant
Supported Bridge
6d Lower Implants
6e 3 Year Follow
Up - Post Treatmentt
Upper anterior implant - metal free zirconia
1 2
3a upper anterior implant
bridge - metal free zirconia
3b Upper implant bridge - metal free zirconia
Bilateral implants for missing laterals
1 2
4a Missing laterals 4b Implants with PFM crowns to replace
missing laterals copy
Anterior implant bridge - Customised milled titanium abutmtnts
1 2
9a Anterior implant bridge - abutments
customised milled titanium
9b Anterior implant bridge - post cementation
Metal ceramic crowns to metal free
1 2
10 a Old metal ceramic crowns on
lateral incisors
10 b Metal free crowns on lateral
incisors copy