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     Clear Aligners

The clear aligners process involves the molding of clear casts that operate as aligners to repair the patient's teeth. These Clear casts are molded after our orthodontist obtains imprint of the patient's teeth and ships them to the lab. Employing digital techniques the lab molds the clear aligners or clear path aligners in about two weeks and ships them back to our orthodontist for a patient to take a trial.

The Clear aligners are transparent and are hardly identifiable compared to orthodontic braces made from metal which have brackets and wires. With the aid of our orthodontist, a patient moves on to the next set of Clear aligners usually after approximately three weeks. The no. of Clear aligners to be used will be resolved depending on the patient and the orthodontic problem. The Clear aligners are usually very comfortable. There can be slight distress or mild pain when a new Clear aligner is used as it applies force on the teeth to re-position them. Unlike conventional metallic orthodontic braces, there are no brackets to get detached or wires to rupture and stab.

This system is a complete beauty improvement compared to conventional metallic braces. The 1st set of Clear aligners should be utilized for about 3 weeks and the patient should then shift on to the next set. The total no. of aligners to be utilized during the procedure will be finalized on the harshness of the case.

Clear braces are mostly used for grown ups. Further, not all patients are suitable for this treatment. Meet our dentists to check if you qualify for Clear braces.

It is essential to emphasize that the Clear aligners must do their work as consistently as possible. Avoid removing them frequently. The risk of the braces getting lost should also be considered.

Clear braces are finest in treating mild teeth misalignment and crookedness. Clear braces are made of clear hard plastic and is mechanically prefabricated giving our dentist only limited fine-tuning to manage the rectification of the teeth.

1. Clear Aligners are almost transparent.
2. Clear Aligners are easier to clean than conventional braces.
3. Clear Aligners do not irritate the gums as much as conventional braces avoiding need of dental wax.
4. Clear Aligners do not stain at all.
5. Clear Aligners are numbered and worn for 14 days each which sets the treatment timeframe.
6. A computer model showing how the teeth will shift during the procedure is shown to know the projected ultimate result.

1. Clear Aligners are more expensive than conventional braces.
2. The Procedure lasts as long as conventional braces.
3. Several patients may need to use it beyond the treatment to rectify certain issues.
4. The patient will still experience tooth ache, because the teeth will be shifted by the trays.
5. The synthetic trays are computer-molded. Our orthodontist only has limited power over the treatment.
6. It takes about 40-45 days for the aligners to turn up from the factory which is a long time to wait. The patient may need more enhancements after the original set of aligners.

If the patient has huge problems, our orthodontists will suggest to the patient that he/she does not qualify for Clear aligners.