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     Dental Implant
dental-implantAt Dental Specialties we routinely carry out Dental Implant procedures for our patients both national and international. Please refer to our patient gallery for some cases explained step by step, from missing teeth to healthy , functional and reliable teeth, improving the chewing capabilities, the cosmetic appearance and the overall health of several of our clients.

Dental Implant Protocol at our clinic is generally triaged the following way:

1. Dental implant placement:
(a) Conventional protocol    (b) Flapless protocol or Guided surgery

2. Dental implant placement with Bone Grafting and associated soft tissue procedures.:
(a) Sinus lifts    (b) Free gingival grafts/ Alloderm grafts

3. Immediate Function Implants with or without Immediate extraction

Conventional Protocol
Where the tooth has been extracted earlier, the area is healed well.

How Dental Implants Work How Dental Implants Work How Dental Implants Work
The gum is gently folded back and a space is prepared for the implant to be placed. The dental implant "anchor" is put into place. In this a temporary cap is placed on the implant and the gum tissue is repositioned around the implant. The implant is then left alone for several months so the bone can attach to the implant and create a secure anchor.

Restorative Phase

How Dental Implants Work How Dental Implants Work How Dental Implants Work
After the implant has had a chance, after due gestation (osseointegration), to attach to the bone tissue, the temporary cap is removed from the anchor and a post is attached to the anchor. The implant is now ready for the prosthesis. An impression is taken of the implant and the appropriate prosthesis (crown, bridge or overdenture) is made. The prosthesis is then attached to the implant(s).

dental-implantWhat Are Implant Supported Dentures?
Lack of stability may be a big problem for complete denture wearers. This could be due to inadequate bone, inability to adjust to removable dentures etc. For these patients implant supported dentures is a cost effective treatment option.

Where the tooth has been extracted earlier, area is well healed and good quantity of bone is available.

At DENTAL SPECIALTIES we use the latest NOBEL GUIDE or CLINICAN software. Guided Surgery is the perfect amalgamation of CT Scans and CAD-CAM technology, allowing us to design the implant placement optimally and also we can give the patient his teeth immediately, by a procedure known as TEETH IN AN HOUR.

The ALL ON 4 technique is also carried out at our clinic using the nobel guide treatment planning software. The ALL ON 4 technique allows the patient to have all his teeth in a jaw on 4 implants, immediately after implant placement. Below are some pictures of the same.