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Dental Implant
At Dental Specialties we routinely carry out Dental Implant procedures for our patients both national and international. Please refer to our patient gallery for some cases explained step by step, from missing teeth to healthy , functional and reliable teeth, improving the chewing capabilities, the cosmetic appearance and the overall health of several of our clients.
Dental Crown
Crown refers to the restoration of teeth using materials that are fabricated by indirect methods which are cemented into place. A crown is used to cap or completely cover a tooth. Traditionally, the teeth to be crowned are prepared by a dentist and records are given to a dental technician to fabricate the crown or bridge, which can then be inserted at another dental appointment. The main advantage of the indirect method of tooth restoration is fabrication of the restoration without the need for having the patient in the chair.
Root Canal
A root canal is the commonly used term for the main canals within the dentin of the tooth. These are part of the natural cavity within a tooth that consists of the dental pulp chamber, the main canals, and sometimes more intricate anatomical branches that may connect the root canals to each other or to the root surface of the tooth. Root canals are filled with a highly vascularized, loose connective tissue, the dental pulp. This sometimes becomes infected and inflamed, generally due to caries or tooth fractures that allow microorganisms, mostly bacteria from the oral flora or their byproducts, access to the pulp chamber or the root canals; the infected tissue is removed by a surgical intervention known as endodontic therapy and commonly called a root canal.
Dental Veneer

Dental veneers, sometimes also termed porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates, are custom-designed shells of tooth-like ceramic material that, when applied over the surface of a tooth, can cover worn tooth enamel, uneven tooth alignment or spacing and chips or cracks.

Dental veneers fall into the category of cosmetic dentistry because they create a bright, white smile with beautifully aligned, shapely teeth. Even better, the translucent ceramic quality of today's veneers provides a more natural look than what?s been available in the past...

Teeth Whitening

Ask anyone, "Do you want a whiter band brighter smile?" and the emphatic answer would be "Yes!"

Dental bleaching or tooth whitening is today a predictable dental procedure with long lasting results in more than 80% of the patients. The most important step in whitening the teeth is a proper diagnosis of the reason why the teeth are discoloured, only then can we assuredly and effectively whiten them. Otherwise many a times a patient undergoes the procedure and not much change takes place, this is because of lack of a reason why the discolouration took place in the first place. So most important is : Why did the tooth discolour?

Dental braces (also known as orthodontic braces) are a device used in orthodontics to correct alignment of teeth and their position with regard to bite. Braces are often used to correct malocclusions such as underbites, overbites, cross bites and open bites, or crooked teeth and various other flaws of teeth and jaws, whether cosmetic or structural.